Why create physical models?

Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational modeling provides a multi-dimensional view of your organization. Learn more...

How we apply Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational Modeling

Enable your teams and stakeholders to collaborate and communicate effectively to design and test organizational "preto-types" of their organization.

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Box-and-line 2D org charts are, well, boring! And they don't invite interactive, collaborative design. We take a multidimensional approach because real organizations are far more complex than what you can capture on a flat page.

How to WTDOM.

Explore the toolbox of tips, tricks, and tools for facilitating your own Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational Modeling session. WARNING: This is more fun than using Powerpoint!!

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The right organizational design, built by the people who live in it, from the newbie to the executive, can be a compelling and powerful way to engage the entire organization. On top of that, Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational Modeling can reveal subtle insights into the organization's culture and psychology. Feel free to contact us for an organizational modeling consultation.